Nitin Gadkari Readies Mumbai to Witness the Tallest Tower on the City Waterfront

  • Posted on - Apr 20, 17

The 163 storied Burj Khalifa (829.9 metres  which is about 2,722 feet)  in Dubai that has been considered as the tallest building in the world till date has now hit the news again. But, this time the reason is quite different! Nitin Gadkari, the current minister for shipping, highways and road transport, is all set to execute his plan for a tower that is reportedly going to be much taller than the wonder in Dubai.

If everything goes according to the plan and the decision gets approved by the cabinet, the upcoming tower would actually beat the 163 storied Burj Khalifa by every means- not only in height, but also in architecture.According to the report, there are plenty of lands under the possession of Mumbai Port Trust which will let loose the area for its construction.

As the team of Mumbai Port Trust is geared up with a strong vogue and has already started preparing blueprint for the development, the plan is expected to be executed very soon. This tallest wonder would burst forth with a walkway that is three times larger than Marine Drive.

With ample amount of lands in its custody, MBPT takes pride in possessing and managing the port since the year 1873. All set to give a complete makeover to the city, Nitin Gadkari is contemplating to present the tower as the best of its kinds. The richest landlord of the city, MBPT has come up with an array of beautiful plans and is fitted out to improve the huge area. The plan is not doled out to any builder or investor and thus, is expected to have a perfect finish. A total of 500 hectares have been sanctioned by the authority and is about to be developed with a blend of a number of commercial spaces, offices, retail & entertainment hubs, business centres and many more.

while speaking to IBM Lokmat in a meeting  Nitin Gadkari  also mentioned that he contemplates to make mubai seas as clean as of Andaman and Mauritius. " We would do whatever that can be done to make sea water clean".

According to the sources, there will be  a number floors each one of which would have different  entities to engage people. There would be 30 floors reserved for conventional centre, 20 floors would consist of malls only and 30 floors would be allotted for luxurious hotels and restaurants.

The 7 km long walkway between Wadala and Mazagaon Docks is going to be the main attraction of the entire project that has already invited a number of global tenders from various consulting firms. Once the master plan gets approved, it will actually leave the entire world in sheer amazement.

The centre also seems to be quite enthusiastic about the project, as it had already teamed up a committee to arrange for a road map for the development of the port which has already been yielded to the Ministry of Shipping.





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