Different Types of Apartments You Should Know Before You Buy One

Different Types of Apartments You Should Know Before You Buy One

Looking for buying a new flat? Is this something you have dreamt of ever since your childhood? Buying a house is always thrilling and exciting; but at the same time, you should be having a complete knowledge of different types of flats, as it will not only help you throw your stone at the right direction, but will also give you the best value for your money. However, this post is going to give you a comprehensive idea about different types of apartments as well as about their sizes.  

Duplex or Triplex Apartments-

Duplex or Triplex Apartments

A flat with two or three level, such apartments can be of any size. Having space on two different or adjacent floors, a duplex or triplex apartment is always coupled with a private staircase. When in some flats, the second or third level is meant for sleeping only, in some others, the actual floors with washrooms on each level can be projected. 


Standard Six/Seven Apartment-

 Standard Six/Seven Apartment

A standard six apartments consists of everything that can easily give it a tag of ‘classic’ match. A living room, two chock-full bedrooms, two chock-a-block bathrooms, a dining room, a smaller bedroom, a kitchen- these are all the blocks which complete a classic six apartment. A standard seven is also of the same category with addition of one more bedroom.


Two Bedroom Flats-

 Two Bedroom Flats


Such apartments are generally known as real two bedroom flats. A common living room, two separate bedrooms, a kitchen, a balcony are what that describe a two bedroom flat. Wing two bedroom flats are also a category becoming popular nowadays. Joined by a small common passage, the two bed rooms in such flats are interconnected with each other.

Three Bedroom Flats-

 Three Bedroom Flats

Railroad apartments are somehow the best examples of three bedroom flats. Comprising of a line-up of rooms all connected with one another, these apartments often have a single hallway that sprints through the length of the flat. However, not every three bedroom flat has a structure like this; the rooms can also be juggled up quite haphazardly.


Convertible Apartment-

 Convertible Apartment

Though convertible apartments are not so commonly found, it works as a perfect solution to space crunch. In this structure, the flat layout can take in another bedroom through the installation of a temporary wall. Also, a separate door can be added to the living room and two separate compartments can be created out of the partition. Nevertheless, a kitchen and a balcony are the two common features of convertible apartments.


Garden Apartment-

 Garden Apartment

Garden apartments are quite a common choice nowadays. Two types of garden apartments seem to be pretty familiar. When one offers a direct connection to the backyard of the garden, the other type is found with open lawns, pathways and landscaping. In most of the cases, the windows of such apartments are seen to be higher up the walls, as such flats tend to have lower ground levels compared to others. A master bedroom, a living room, a dining, a kitchen and most importantly, a balcony are generally what a garden apartment is consisted of.


Penthouse or Luxury Apartment-

 Penthouse or Luxury Apartment


Penthouse apartment is generally built on the uppermost floor of an apartment building. The luxury features of a penthouse are the traits that differentiate this construction from any other edifice. Especially, built with the intention to provide spectacular views to the inmates, penthouse flats are constructed on the rooftop. These flats generally comprise of two bedrooms, one dining, one kitchen and certainly, one balcony.


Corporate Apartment-

 Corporate Apartment

Often referred as serviced apartment, a corporate apartment presents itself as a fully-furnished flat rented on a quick-fix basis. Mainly meant for the business people in search of an alternative to a hotel, corporate apartments are specially booked for business trips.


You should always check on these measures in detail, mediate the fact that whether they are matching up to your criteria and then only book your dream flat!!


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